The strengths and challenges of ‘A day in the Life’ methodological approach: Based on Spanish and Portuguese data comparison

by Mitsuko Matsumoto, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) 

In this presentation, Mitsuko Matsumoto (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) discusses the strengths and challenges of ‘A day in the Life’ methodological approach’ (Gillen et al., 2007), employed in the project “A day in the Digital Lives of Children aged 0 and 3” (Summary Report is available here). The approach uses a combination of interviews, field notes and video recordings to collect data – with the focus being on one day in the life of the child and their family

In another video blog, Julia Gillen, Director of the Lancaster Literacy Research Centre at University of Lancaster and the Principal Investigator for the project, describes the methodology including the theoretical framing behind it as well as advantages and disadvantages of using the methodology in a study. 

In this presentation, Matsumoto demonstrates the advantages of the approach showing a glimpse of data gained in the Spanish cases of the study. The presentation also shows how we tackled the challenge of analysing a large set of video data in a comparison of parental mediation practices between Spanish and Portuguese cases. 

The slides are available here. The presentation was given at Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon on 29 November, 2018.


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