DigiLitEY Research Methodology Database

As part of Working Group 5 of DigiLitEY COST Action, we have created a Research Methodology Database. With this tool, we seek to create a repository of relevant research on how children between 0-8 years of age engage with digital media, including research conducted with other social actors relevant to the lives of children (e.g. parents, teachers, digital content designers, etc.).

If you have conducted studies that fall within the scope of our interest or know of relevant references we strongly encourage you to access the database form and answer the relevant questions to include your study in the database.

This database is particularly concerned with carefully indexing studies and documents according to issues connected to the research design and characteristics of each study, so users can retrieve and organize the literature according to methodological criteria. Therefore, we ask that you carefully respond to ALL the relevant questions regarding the item you want to include in the database. Please do not hesitate to contact us (David Poveda, co-coordinator WG5 – www.uam.es/david.poveda) with any relevant questions or concerns that might help us improve the usability of the database.

Access and submit the form to the database here: DigiLitEY Research Methodology Database

Access the tool to search the database here: Search Tool Page


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